For our motorbike tours we use only the best

BMW motorbikes. Because fun should be riding a bike, not moping broken down on the side of the road. That is why we use motorbikes that can handle the rough and tough and are suitable for the long distances as well as the harsh desert climate. The maintenance of the motorbikes, suspension and tires is done by professionals so we know it is done exceptionally well. We want you to have only one concern: riding your motorbike through the stunning landscape!



We prefer using BMW GS 750, BMW GS 850 and BMW GS 1250 motorbikes (younger than 3 years old), though other types are also available on request, like Honda Africa Twin or KTM Adventure 790 and 1290. The tour price varies per bike, so tell us what type of motorbike you want to ride when booking (use the ‘remarks’ field for this). If you are small we can provide you with a lowered seat on the GS 700 and the GS 1250; use the ‘remarks’ field to indicate this too. If you are really short (1.50 meters), we have one F 650 with Factory-lowered frame and suspension available. The BMW 850 is the highest bike and we advise to avoid it if you’re shorter than 1.85 meters.


Which motorbike to choose?

Despite the large distances all types are suitable to run the tours. Especially if you are riding with a pillion the GS 750 might be on the light side. However, if you are small or very light the 750 is the better choice. We want to emphasize one really important thing: when choosing your motorbike, keep the fun you want to have in mind, not the price! To help you achieve this we have kept the price differences between the various types of motorbikes smaller then you usually  encounter. Still in doubt what type you want to ride? We are happy to give you advice.


Maintenance and Backup

We check all our bikes very thoroughly before each tour. We believe prevention is the best medicine! Each tour is accompanied by a back-up vehicle. This can be a small truck or a landrover with luggage carrier. The back-up vehicle carries your luggage and, if they wish, on bad stretches the pillion riders. On a full group we take a a complete spare motorbike. So if you have a serious breakdown you can continue your tour on the spare motorbike whilst your own motorcycle is being fixed.



All motorbikes come with a liability insurance, but everything you break yourself, you pay yourself. We use your credit card as a guarantee. You don’t have a credit card? Get in touch with us. Together we will find a solution!




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Want to ride a motorbike through Africa? Africa has no secrets for Ride2Roam. We will make your motorcycle adventure different. Not just any ordinary motorbike tour - during your motorbike holiday we will show you what southern Africa really is about. Our motorbike tours are made by bikers for bikers. With us you book more than a hotel and a motorbike, you book the ride of your life. No mass-tourism - you’ll ride in a small, international group of bikers over the most beautiful roads in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Your steed is a dual adventure BMW motorbike, guided by the very best guide around and with a backup vehicle for your peace of mind. Some of our unforgettable motorbike group tours through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are on gravel roads, some on tar roads. We can also make a tailor-made itinerary for the bike adventure you always dreamed about! Yes. Motorcycle tours from Ride2Roam are different. Definitely different!

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