We want to give you all information as honest and correct as we can. Which is why we have this page with FAQ’s. If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page. Or send us an e-mail.

What surcharges do you add to the published prices?

None. We don’t do hidden costs, so you pay no administrative fees, booking charges or other surcharges. The only thing you pay is the published tour price, plus the banking fees to transfer this amount into our South Africa bank account. Unfortunately we can’t include these in the published price because they vary with each bank and country.

Can I pay in other currencies?

Yes. You can pay in almost any currency. We convert the price into your currency at the average rate of the last time using the oanda.com currency converter.

Why do you require so few details when I make my booking?

Anticipation is a very important part of your holiday. With most organisations this is lost at the moment you want to make a booking, because they ask for a virtual mountain of information about you. You spend more time looking this information up then enjoying the fact you are booking your holiday. There ends your feeling of anticipation! When you book a tour with Ride2Roam we only require your name, address and agreement with our booking conditions. Once your booking is accepted we send you a list with our kind request to fill out the additional information we need to execute your tour. You fill out this list where and when it pleases you. Which is for your convenience.

Why don’t you charge a fixed amount on my credit card as a deposit?

Almost all travel companies and tour operators ask for a fixed  amount to be paid through your credit card as a deposit for your motorbike. This starts at US$ 1.000,- and goes up for the larger and newer models and also varies per country. Due to these variations we can't give you a fixed amount for all bikes. At the end of the tour the balance of damaged parts (if any) gets added up and deducted from your credit card. So, until the last day of the tour the only use of your credit card is as a guarantee (the amount is reserved but not actually deducted) and you can freely use your credit card for other means.

How does this CO2 emission compensation work?

In the tour price we have included 100% compensation of your kilometres and overnights on tour. We use the CarbonZero travel & tourism calculator to calculate this amount. This is one of the very few calculators which calculates emissions of a motorcycle and for different types of overnight accommodations. This calculator not only calculates your CO2 emissions, but includes a multiplier to add the emission value of other greenhouse gases. These are your personal emission values. Added to this we calculate the emission value of the backup vehicle and the crew and divide this amount by six, the minimum number of participants. This second amount is added to your personal amount and together they form the total amount which is included in your tour price. We compensate this amount on certified projects in southern Africa, so your compensation is done in the same region as you travel through. Which we think is only fair.

Where do my travel companions come from?

We are a South-African motorbike tour operator who sells its tours all over the World. Most participants come from Europe, mainly from Holland, Poland, Germany and the UK. However all nationalities are welcome! As a result you travel in an international group where English is the common language.

Can I do the tours with a duo passenger aka a pillion?

Yes. For the tours which incorporate gravel roads some experience with riding pillion on gravel roads is necessary, but for the Namibia/Botswana and South Africa 2 Oceans tours you don’t need special experience. These are very popular for pillions. On tours with a backup vehicle the passenger can also choose to do the roughest stretches in the backup vehicle. There is no fixed schedule for this, you can decide per day once on the road. 

Is Ride2Roam or Zulu Overland a registered tour operator?

Ride2Roam is the trade-name or marketing brand of Tales from Africa Travel under which we offer you motorbike tours in partnership with Zulu Overland. For all practical purposes it is the same company. Tales from Africa Travel is South African founded and registered tour operator (registration 2019/026497/07) and member of Cape Town Tourism. Zulu Overland is also a South African founded and registered tour operator and is member of EGTO, the Elgin Grabouw Tourism Association. Zulu Overland is also officially licensed as tour operator in Namibia (number FOR00021). In Botswana, Zulu Overland is registered with the Botswana Tourism Board. We are not registered with any other boards or funds. Since you book the tour with us in South Africa this would be of no use anyway.




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Want to ride a motorbike through Africa? Africa has no secrets for Ride2Roam. We will make your motorcycle adventure different. Not just any ordinary motorbike tour - during your motorbike holiday we will show you what southern Africa really is about. Our motorbike tours are made by bikers for bikers. With us you book more than a hotel and a motorbike, you book the ride of your life. No mass-tourism - you’ll ride in a small, international group of bikers over the most beautiful roads in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Your steed is a dual adventure BMW motorbike, guided by the very best guide around and with a backup vehicle for your peace of mind. Some of our unforgettable motorbike group tours through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are on gravel roads, some on tar roads. We can also make a tailor-made itinerary for the bike adventure you always dreamed about! Yes. Motorcycle tours from Ride2Roam are different. Definitely different!

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