Our Philosophy!

What are we about

All motorbike tour organisations promise the same: an unforgettable motorcycle holiday riding beautiful roads through a magnificent landscape. All the highlights of South-Africa, Namibia and Botswana. And we promise that as well! So why choose for Ride2Roam? Well, we are proud of our home, southern Africa. And we don’t just want to show you our home, but make it the place where you have the best holiday of your life. And yes, we make our living that way. But – there is a subtle but huge difference between making money with selling tours, and having the best tour possible and making money with that. That difference is what Ride2Roam is all about. We do things different. Better. We are proud of our slogan: definitely different. But don’t just believe what we tell you. Check our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages or our testimonials to see what others say about us. Check how we handle this and then make up your own mind about us. Are you ready for your ‘definitely different’ motorcycle tour?


By bikers, for bikers

We are bikers ourselves and know what makes motorcycling so much fun. We choose the scenic roads, not the main roads. But not deteriorated or bad roads, because motorcycling also means having time to look around. We know how to make the best itineraries, find the nicest places to lunch and incorporate those special spots most tourists miss. Our overnights are also part of your motorcycling fun. You don’t get any old hotel, but a memorable experience that adds value to your holiday. With a swimming pool and a bar. So you can have a cold beer when you arrive without having to worry about driving afterwards


Honest information

You spend a lot of money to make a motorcycle tour with Ride2Roam. So naturally you want to know what you get. Which is why we aim to give you honest and clear-cut information. If a road is in bad condition we will tell you so. Hotels are described as they are, not as we wish them to be. If an overnight is basic we tell you so. We also tell you exactly what is included and what not. Without hidden surcharges! We hate those. So no booking costs, administrative fees or surcharges. You only pay the published amount, plus the banking fees to transfer that amount into our account. Unfortunately those differ too much per bank and country to include them as well.


Small group size

We limit our groups to a maximum of 10 riders plus passengers, our tour guide and our crew. That is more important than you might think. We don’t want you feeling that you are part of an organised motorbike tour, but that you are on the road with a group of friends. A small group means the desert’s solitude will impress you and not the dust clouds of your fellow riders. And with this group size we are able to sleep in small-scale, cosy hotels and guesthouses. Your fellow riders are from Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and other countries. Add that to the low minimum number of participants and the chances of your tour being confirmed are high. Which is very nice for your own planning!


No intermediaries

With Ride2Roam you book directly with the same people that execute your tour. So all information is straight from the horses’ mouth. And you don’t pay for commission to intermediaries, but for your own motorbike holiday. Which you will notice on tour in the quality of our care, our motorbikes and the overnight stays. We also include everything you do anyway together with the other riders. Whether it concerns lunch and dinner, excursions whilst on tour or entry fees. This way we both profit from your direct booking!


Good in organising

A good organisation has an excellent staff. No, we are not superhuman, but we are good in what we do: make your tour carefree. And a good organisation has good stuff. The motorbikes are recent BMW’s and we take care of the maintenance on tour. In Africa getting spare parts is often difficult and being able to improvise is a must. We know how and where. Every tour is accompanied by a backup vehicle with parts and a spare bike. And we can take that enormous wooden giraffe you’ll buy too, because you only ride with your daypack. Your hotel has been booked. The only thing you need to do is relax!



Excellent equipment, staff and backup are just the start. At Ride2Roam we take it a step further. With us, safety comes first. We will not let you ride through Africa on your own. Too much can go wrong on the road and help is few and far between. So every day our guide will ride with you. Not only will he show you the best places, but he also knows the potential pit falls. And how to handle them. Furthermore all our backup vehicles are equipped with a satellite phone, so help can be called wherever we are. And your motor is equipped with a big sticker with your name and blood type. So no time will be lost if something goes wrong after all.


Going beyond the obvious

We believe in renewal. We think your motorbike tour is an experience you want to share with friends. Our innovative website works nicely on pc and  smart phone, but has been specifically developed to be used on a tablet. Because anticipation is not as much fun behind your desk as it is sitting relaxed on your couch. We also believe in social media: we don’t want to talk to you, but with you. Want to know your opinion. And are not afraid of criticism: we want to know that too. Because it enables us to make our tours better. Last but not least, we believe in our commitment to make our tours as sustainable as we can. So we compensate for 100% your CO2 emissions, both for mileage and overnights.





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Want to ride a motorbike through Africa? Africa has no secrets for Ride2Roam. We will make your motorcycle adventure different. Not just any ordinary motorbike tour - during your motorbike holiday we will show you what southern Africa really is about. Our motorbike tours are made by bikers for bikers. With us you book more than a hotel and a motorbike, you book the ride of your life. No mass-tourism - you’ll ride in a small, international group of bikers over the most beautiful roads in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Your steed is a dual adventure BMW motorbike, guided by the very best guide around and with a backup vehicle for your peace of mind. Some of our unforgettable motorbike group tours through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are on gravel roads, some on tar roads. We can also make a tailor-made itinerary for the bike adventure you always dreamed about! Yes. Motorcycle tours from Ride2Roam are different. Definitely different!

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