Practical information

Here you can find practical information specific for the South Africa/Namibia motorcycle tour. All general information about for instance our motorbikes, what to bring and what to arrange before your departure can be found in the ‘About your tour’ pages. Here you will also find the valid booking conditions for all our tours.

Small groups

During our motorbike tours we want you to experience all facets of the magnificence of southern Africa. Whether it is the emptiness of the land, the rich wildlife – or on the other hand that cosy pub and lovely guesthouse. For that to happen you can’t have a large group. This is why we confine the group size to a maximum of 10 riders (excluding our crew). Pillions are always welcome so the total number of the group could be higher.


Minimum to run the tour

We run this tour with a minimum of 6 participants, pillions included. If we have less participants we will try to accommodate your holiday plans by offering you an alternative tour (price and/or itinerary). It’s completely up to you whether you wish to accept this alternative; if you don’t wish to accept this alternative, we will of course refund your payments. You can read more about our cancellation policy in our booking conditions.



We have carefully selected our hotels, lodges and guesthouses. We look for small-scale, atmospheric accommodations with (usually) a swimming pool, comparable to 3- and 4-star accommodations in Europe. Your room either has a private bathroom or you sleep in a chalet with two bedrooms with one bathroom per chalet. All accommodations outside the major towns have their own bar and restaurant, so as to avoid drink and drive.

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Sharing or single room?

The tour price is based upon 2 persons sharing a room. Single rooms are limited available and on request only. Once we are under way we can’t arrange an additional single room for you, however hard you may find sharing your room with your particular roommate. To avoid problems bring earplugs, or better still, book with a friend! If you book alone but are willing to share and we don’t have anyone else willing to share a room, we guarantee your place on the tour in a single room. However in that case you will have to decide whether you want to pay the single room supplement or whether you want to cancel your tour. If the latter we will of course refund your payment.


Transport and transfers

You arrange your own flights. We arrange all necessary transfers from day one till the last day of the tour. We also supply your motorbike, a backup vehicle with spare parts and a spare motorbike, and all excursions as per the itinerary. If you arrive earlier or stay longer and don’t have booked an add-on with us, all transport and other costs during that period are on your own account. Want to know more about our motorbikes? Click here.



If it is summer in Europe, it is winter in southern Africa. Our fall is Europe’s spring. Wintertime is the driest and coolest time. During the daytime you have lovely riding weather with temperatures up to 20 to 25 C, at night temperatures drop to 5 or 10 C – and sometimes below zero. During the summertime temperatures easily reach 35 C or higher. At night they drop to 20 C or so. Despite sometimes heavy rainfall, mostly in January and February, dehydration is a real danger when riding. This is why we provide you with plenty of drinking water every riding day.



Most payments are cash; a credit card can only be used in a couple of places. You also pay cash at petrol stations. Bring your credit card as a deposit for your motorbike. You can get cash regularly from ATM’s, providing your bankcard is valid for cash withdrawal in southern Africa. Bring some cash in case an ATM is out of order – around ₤ 170,- or € 200.- should be enough. The South African Rand is accepted as legal currency throughout Namibia, but the Namibian Dollar is not accepted in South Africa.



Throughout all of southern Africa the current is 220/240 Volt/50 Hertz. You can charge your camera and cell phone in all hotels. Sometimes a generator is used to provide electricity and then sudden peaks in voltage can occur. The generator is generally switched off at night. So bring a decent torch. Almost all so-called worldwide plugs cannot be used in southern Africa, but you can buy a cheap, fitting plug locally.


Camera and video

You’ll see plenty of wild animals during your tour. Sometimes very close, sometimes very far away. Which is why a camera with a good zoom is very handy. Please consider yourself a guest in a foreign country and ask before you take a photo of someone. Police, border crossings and military object are off-limits for taking photos or videoing.

Batteries and memory cards are only for sale in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Capetown. During the rest of the tour availability is limited to AA batteries. So bring enough spare batteries and memory cards.


Cellphone and WiFi

Do you have a cell phone with 900/1800 MHz tri-band or quad-band? It should work, but not all places have a network. Costs and availability depend on your contract and your provider. Check these with your provider. If you want to call often with a companion we advise buying a local sim card, providing your phone is simlock-free. If you have a contract which includes data traffic we advise you check costs and conditions thoroughly before departure and switch it off when not in use! WiFi availability, though growing, is at the moment limited to a couple of places.